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Address on National Guard Day

March 27, 2021

Vladimir Putin: Comrades, veterans,

Please accept my best wishes on your professional holiday, the Russian National Guard Day.

Established five years ago, the National Guard has become an independent and important structure in the law enforcement system, protecting the rights and interests of society and citizens. It effectively takes part in achieving crucial state goals and makes its own hefty contribution to the fight against terrorism and extremism, controls the civilian circulation of weapons and guards crucial facilities, safeguards the law and ensures security during mass events, including large international sports competitions and other forums in our country.

I am also aware of the current extraordinarily big load related to ensuring the preventive public health regimes which were introduced in the country’s regions to fight the coronavirus epidemic. You are pursuing this humanitarian mission with honour and respect for the people and care for their health.

I would like to especially highlight the fact that the Russian National Guard maintains the historical traditions of the Interior Ministry Troops, OMON Special Police Force and SOBR Rapid Deployment Task Force, which joined the National Guard.

The National Guard officers and commanders are proudly continuing glorious combat traditions of stamina and courage, honest and dedicated service to our Motherland and our people. They act resolutely and professionally, fearlessly risk their lives to stop and neutralise perpetrators, protect the people and fulfil their orders.

I thank all the military personnel, employees and civilian personnel of the National Guard for their professional and effective service, solving the challenges they face, for their readiness to carry out their purposeful and needed service under most difficult conditions, for always being on duty.

I wish you, your families, all your brothers-in-arms and merited retired officers good health, happiness and success.

Happy holiday!

March 27, 2021