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Congratulations on the Interior Ministry Personnel Day

November 10, 2021

The President congratulated current officers and veterans of Russia’s Interior Ministry bodies on their professional holiday.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers, veterans,

Please accept my congratulations on your professional holiday, Interior Ministry Personnel Day.

On this day, we express our respect and deep gratitude to those who are safeguarding law and order, who followed their heart to choose a difficult job that involves great pressure and risks, the job of protecting social stability, ensuring the safety, rights and legitimate interests of our citizens, and waging a relentless battle against crime, corruption, violence and lawlessness.

Throughout its history, the Interior Ministry has been rightfully considered the key component of Russia’s law enforcement system, and Ministry personnel have always been the stronghold of our statehood, selflessly protecting our homeland and citizens from domestic threats and contributing to the fulfilment of vital nationwide tasks.

On this day we would like to extend our warmest gratitude to the Ministry veterans for their high professionalism, courage and commitment to their duty. You served honourably, both in peacetime and when fulfilling your combat tasks, helping people in trouble and reinforcing their belief in the power of the law, the state and justice.

I would like to thank the leadership and military personnel of the Interior Ministry, as well as its civilian employees, for their efficient and competent work, including in ensuring the proper maintenance of order during the single voting day in strict compliance with the law, and for carrying out the extremely responsible task of taking the preventive measures needed to fight the coronavirus infection. It is notable that you conduct the inspections with due respect for people and concern for their health.

Today our citizens set especially high requirements with regard to the performance of the Interior Ministry agencies, and the fulfilment of these requirements depends on your attitude to your job and the professional and personal qualities of each of you.

It is necessary to continue enhancing the efficiency and improving the methods of combating crime, especially in the area of information technology, as well as countering extremism, illegal migration and drug trafficking.

It is necessary to work consistently to safeguard law and order, to better protect our citizens from illegal activities, improve road safety and, of course, prevent crime, primarily by young and underage people.

I am confident that while working to fulfil these and other large-scale tasks you will follow the example of the best Interior Ministry officers. As I have mentioned, they are real professionals, courageous and principled people who firmly believe in the power of the law and respect civil rights and freedoms.

At the same time, the state will continue doing everything necessary to reinforce the legal and social guarantees for Interior Ministry personnel and enhance the prestige of your profession.


I believe in your commitment to your jobs, your professionalism and readiness to stand any trial.

I would like to once again congratulate the veterans and all personnel of the Interior Ministry, as well as your families and dear ones, on your professional day.

I wish you good health and every success.

November 10, 2021