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Alexander Bedritsky took part in presenting report on global climate and soil landscape in Russia – assessment of risks and environmental-economic consequences of land degradation, adaptive systems and rational nature management technologies (agriculture and forestry sectors)

March 15, 2018

Presidential Adviser and Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues Alexander Bedritsky took part in presenting the report Global Climate and Soil Landscape in Russia: Assessment of Risks and Environmental-Economic Consequences of Land Degradation, Adaptive Systems and Rational Nature Management Technologies (Agriculture and Forestry Sectors).

The report was written by experts in global climate and environment management: zero-emission and zero-degradation of soil in Russia (agriculture and forestry sectors), and edited by Mr. Bedritsky.

The report analyses hypothetical climate change scenarios and influence on agriculture and the forestry sectors; evaluates current trends and risks as regards the degradation of Russia’s soil and land resources, possible mechanisms and methods for regulating the carbon balance/budget in agriculture and the forestry sector, as well as various measures for adapting agricultural and forest-management systems and technologies to climate change.

The report aims to formulate a harmonised legal framework and to pool the expert community’s efforts to draft climate risk management mechanisms for sustained development purposes and for fulfilling Russia’s international commitments.

The report and its synopsis with the various findings and recommendations will be submitted to the concerned federal executive agencies and authorities in the Russian regions.

The above group of experts on global climate and environment management, zero-emission and zero-degradation of soil in Russia (agriculture and forestry sectors) was established in 2016 and reports to the Presidential Executive Office’s inter-departmental working group for climate change and sustainable development issues, headed by Mr Bedritsky. The group brought together leading scientists, experts from research agencies and universities and representatives of specialised agencies under the guidance of Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute Director Andrei Ivanov.

March 15, 2018