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Instructions following meeting with Government members on climate policy implementation

November 23, 2021

The President approved a list of instructions following a meeting with Government members on the implementation of the climate policy in the Russian Federation, held on October 5, 2021.

The Russian Government has been instructed to ensure the implementation of Russia’s socioeconomic development strategy with a low greenhouse gas emission level by 2050. The Government is tasked to ensure that Russia reaches carbon neutrality no later than in 2060 given the international recognition of Russia’s approaches to issues related to climate change and its impact; provide for the greatest possible growth rate of the economy and citizens’ incomes; guarantee the sustainable dynamics of the country’s extractive industries; and prioritise measures designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase their absorption.

The Government has also been instructed to develop a plan of action (roadmap) to reduce the carbon intensity of the Russian economy and to create a register of climate projects that can be implemented in Russia and other countries and regions, ranking them in terms of cost, implementation period and the expected effect on lowering emissions and increasing the absorption of greenhouse gases on a global level.

In addition, the Government was tasked, while holding international talks, to take measures aimed at ensuring the international recognition of Russia’s approaches to issues related to climate change and its impact. At the same time, it is necessary to keep in mind the low-carbon status of the Russian energy balance based on zero emissions of greenhouse gases from nuclear and hydroelectric power plants; the principle of technological neutrality given the measures Russia is taking to cut greenhouse gas emissions; and the adequacy of the absorption of greenhouse gases by forests and other natural ecosystems of Russia.

Instructions to the Government also concern harmonising the national monitoring systems and the methodology of calculating the emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases with the international standards; and providing non-discriminative conditions for Russia in the implementation of climate projects and the introduction of climate regulation measures.

Instructions have also been given to comply with the multilateral format of developing the rules for cross-border carbon regulations, and when they are introduced, to ensure the global nature of such regulations and the creation of an international register of climate projects in order to involve foreign states and organisations in the implementation of such projects in Russia.

The Government and the State Duma have been instructed to ensure the introduction of amendments to legislation aimed at conducting an experiment to lower greenhouse gas emissions in certain regions of the Russian Federation and developing a system of public non-financial reporting for legal entities.

The Government and Gazprom, as well as the Russian Foreign Ministry, were requested to consider the possibility of exports of hydrogen to countries of the European Union as part of a methane-hydrogen mix using the existing pipeline systems and the recognition of such hydrogen as acceptable by the EU’s taxonomy requirements.

November 23, 2021