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Instructions following the 37th meeting of the Russian Pobeda (Victory) Organising Committee

April 19, 2016

Instructions following the 37thmeeting of the Russian Pobeda (Victory) Organising Committee.

The Government and organisations representing veterans of the 1941–1945 Great Patriotic War, military operations, military service and labour have been instructed to work together to draft a proposal on establishing a Veterans’ Organisations’ Coordinating Council attached to the Russian Pobeda (Victory) Organising Committee.

The Labour and Social Protection Ministry and the Healthcare Ministry have been instructed to draft recommendations on providing social and medical services at home for Great Patriotic War veterans and invalids, taking into account inter-agency cooperation.

The Defence Ministry has been instructed to continue work on developing the People’s Memory internet resource in order to provide fuller archival data on soldiers’ fates, and to work with the Culture Ministry and the Interior Ministry, along with the Commission for Identifying and Preserving Military-technical Historical Sites and Fortifications, to draft proposals on preserving and transferring to museums unique wartime objects found at battle sites or in the Armed Forces’ custody.

The Foreign Ministry has been instructed to draft measures on activating work in international organisations and via bilateral relations to provide objective information on Russia’s role in the victory over Nazism and prevent attempts to revise World War II history and results, cast Nazism in a positive light, and promote neo-Nazism.

Russia’s regional executive authorities have been instructed to draft patriotic education programmes for their regions, coordinating with the state programme Patriotic Education for Russian Federation Citizens for 2016–2020. The plenipotentiary presidential envoys in the federal districts will oversee these regional programmes’ adoption and implementation.

April 19, 2016