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Greetings on 75th anniversary of Belgorod’s liberation from fascist invaders

August 5, 2018

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to residents of Belgorod and Belgorod Region on the 75th anniversary of Belgorod’s liberation from fascist invaders.

The message reads, in part:

“In the summer of 1943, Belgorod’s land witnessed extremely violent and long battles. The enemy tried to hold the city at any cost, but on August 5, our forces captured Belgorod, showing unprecedented courage and bravery. Another step toward the Great Victory was made. Events such as the largest tank battle of Prokhorovka and the first, legendary firework display in honor of the liberation of Belgorod and Oryol, were significant, landmark events forever written in the military history of our Fatherland.

Today Belgorod is a City of Military Glory. People here love and know how to work hard and have great respect for their war veterans and their immortal acts of courage.”

August 5, 2018