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Greetings to participants and guests of Guardian of Memory commemorative event

January 26, 2020

Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to participants and guests of the Guardian of Memory commemorative event marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The President’s message reads, in part:

“TheHolocaust is one of the most tragic and gruesome pages in world history. The crimes of the Nazis and their proxies have no statute of limitations, they can neither be forgiven nor forgotten. Any attempts to suppress those events and re-write history are unacceptable and immoral.

Our common duty is to preserve and pass on to new generations the truth about the bloodiest war of the 20th century, about the millions of people murdered in gas chambers or left to rot in concentration camps and ghettos, about those who succumbed to disease and hunger, and about the fact that it was the Red Army that defeated Nazism and put an end to those unspeakable atrocities, saving not only the Jewish people but also other peoples on the planet from extermination and enslavement.”

As part of the event, the Guardian of Memory prize will be awarded for contributions toward preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

January 26, 2020