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Greetings to Tula and Tula Region residents

December 5, 2021

Vladimir Putin congratulated Tula and Tula Region residents on the anniversary of the successful completion of the Tula defensive.

The message reads, in part:

“Eighty years ago, Soviet troops won the Tula defensive and launched a counter-offensive, throwing back the enemy from the old city’s walls. Nazi Germany’s plans to seize Moscow were shattered for good.

For many centuries, Tula has played an important role in strengthening the Russian statehood and building our motherland’s military glory. The special heroic chapters in the city’s history date back to the Great Patriotic War. For many long days and nights, the city’s defenders, the Red Army soldiers and commanders, the Tula Workers’ Regiment and fighter plane battalions demonstrated exceptional courage and bravery selflessly fighting for every inch of their native land. The city of gunmakers remained unconquered. The Battle of Tula paralysed the enemy’s powerful forces and predetermined our victory in the Battle of Moscow.

We will always revere this heroism, cherish the memory of those who fought for our Motherland, and strengthen the traditions of patriotism and unity. On this festive day, I would like to offer my warmest words of gratitude and respect to our dear veterans.”

The Tula defensive continued from October 24 to December 5, 1941, and was part of the Battle of Moscow. In fierce battles, the Soviet army averted the Nazi troops’ advance towards Tula and prevented their attempts to approach Moscow from the south. On December 6, the Red Army launched a counter-offensive throwing back the invader’s divisions 130 km away from Tula.

December 5, 2021