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Vladimir Putin will meet with Civil20 representatives

June 13, 2013

On June 14, the President of Russia will meet with representatives from the Civil20 – an international platform for dialogue between civil society, politicians and experts from G20 member states.

Participants in the meeting will include Civil20 summit delegates from Russia, Mexico and Australia – the presidency “trio,” an official G20 format combining the previous, current and future G20 presiding nations’ representatives (Mexico in 2012, Russia in 2013 and Australia in 2014).

In addition, a representative from Turkey, which will hold the G20 presidency after Australia (in 2015), will attend the meeting, with the goal of assuring continuity in the Civil20 process and maintaining the structure developed by Russia for interaction between civil society and G20 representatives not just in 2014 but 2015 as well.

Representatives from NGOs and academic circles who were invited to the meeting participated in developing Civil20 recommendations and reports over the course of 2012–2013. The Russian meeting participants are also members of the National Civil20 Summit Organising Committee.

During the meeting, Civil20 representatives will tell the President of Russia about the forum’s work and transmit recommendations from civil society on issues concerning the Russian G20 presidency agenda, the Civil20 Recommendations on Strong, Sustainable, Balanced and Inclusive Growth, as well as the Civil20 Address to G20 Leaders, the concluding document of the Civil Task Force summit.

* * *

In 2013, Russia broadened dialogue with civil society within the G20, involving civil society in the G20 constitutional process for the first time alongside other social partners – enterprises and trade unions.

* * *

The primary objective of Russia’s G20 presidency has been to focus the forum of the world’s largest economies’ efforts on developing measures concerning key economic and financial problems that affect economic growth and job creation in all nations around the world.

The main goal of the G20’s work is to create conditions for resolving these problems, and Russian presidency believes in the need to focus on three priority areas: investment promotion, ensuring trust and market transparency, and greater regulation efficiency.

June 13, 2013