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Instructions following a meeting on developing Russia’s Arctic zone

May 22, 2022

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following a meeting on the development of the Russian Federation Arctic zone held on April 13, 2022.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to envisage, as part of implementing the Socioeconomic Development of the Russian Federation Arctic Zone comprehensive state programme, measures to provide social infrastructure facilities for people living in the Arctic zone and determine the sources of funding them.

The Government was instructed to prepare and submit to the State Duma a draft federal law aimed at legal regulation of relations linked with the delivery of life-sustaining products (goods) for the population in the Far North. The Government was also instructed to ensure that amendments are made to legislation which contemplate the centralization of authority to manage the Northern Sea Route and organise navigation in its water to be exercised by the Rosatom State Corporation; complete the construction and testing of the North Pole ice-resistant self-propelled platform and put it into operation in 2022; and to start the construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway in all sections of this construction project in 2022.

Instructions to the Government concern, in part, expanding support for priority investment projects implemented in the Arctic zone of Russia; and choosing a single seagoing operator for the delivery of goods to the Far North by ice-breakers on the Northern Sea Route.

To ensure the reliable and safe delivery of cargoes along the Northern Sea Route, the Government was instructed to draft a plan for developing this route through to 2035. The plan must set out, among other things, the projected cargo traffic for each year; the number and categories of the required ships from the ice-breaking fleet with due account for its upgrading and expansion; the timeframe and delivery (primarily by Russian shipbuilders) of ice-breakers, ice-class cargo ships, rescue vessels and ancillary equipment required for their construction, with a view to ensuring the freight traffic; and the upgrading of industrial capacities of ship-building and ship-repairing companies engaged in the delivery and operation of ice-class ships.

The plan for developing the Northern Sea Route through to 2035 should also include measures to create an Arctic satellite constellation for providing ships with meteorological and navigation data, including via the Internet information and telecommunications network.

May 22, 2022