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Visiting Volzhskoye More (Volga Sea) tourist cluster

November 7, 2022, Tver Region

During his working trip to the Tver Region, Vladimir Putin toured the infrastructure facilities under construction at the Volzhskoye More (Volga Sea) tourist cluster. He was accompanied by Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District Igor Shchegolev and region’s Governor Igor Rudenya.

The Volzhskoye More tourist cluster project has been under development in the Zavidovo special economic zone since 2015. It will include hotels, sports and children’s recreation centres.

Construction continues on the infrastructure that will combine road, rail and river transport in a single interchange hub. A passenger port, a river boat station and an adjacent railway line are being built. Part of the road (access to the Shosha River) and a water intake centre have already been put into operation.

The new port facility will be able to receive up to seven cruise boats simultaneously, as average passenger traffic is expected to exceed 1,000 people a day. It will be possible to keep for storage approximately five tourist cruise boats and up to ten excursion and pleasure craft at the new port in winter when the navigation is over.

Once the project is implemented, it will take no more than 80 minutes to get from Moscow to this resort. This will increase the tourist flow to the region considerably.

November 7, 2022, Tver Region