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Instructions following meeting with Russian Popular Front core members

December 10, 2015

Vladimir Putin singed a list of instructions following his meeting with the core members of the Russian Popular Front to discuss the implementation of the project For Fair Public Procurement, which took place on November 27, 2015.

The Government of the Russian Federation is instructed, in particular, to discuss together with the Russian Popular Front and the business community the introduction of the compulsory use by organisations and individual entrepreneurs of cash register equipment that would ensure the transfer of fiscal data on customer payments to tax authorities.

Instructions to the Government also include amending the legislation on the purchasing of goods and services for state and municipal needs to establish requirements regarding the quality and other characteristics (including top price) of such goods and services; to determine a federal executive body of power responsible for the functioning of a single information system of goods and services purchasing for state and municipal needs and the creation within this body of a public expert commission (with the participation of the RPF).

The Government is instructed to develop jointly with the RPF and present proposals dealing with the mandatory use by clients of standard project documentation for the construction of social and cultural facilities funded by regional and local budgets; greater efficiency of measures taken by Russian regions to ensure road safety and traffic organisation; greater efficiency in achieving the targets set by the Federal Targeted Programme for the Protection of Lake Baikal and the Socioeconomic Development of the Baikal Environment for 2012–2020; greater efficiency of the use of budget funding for energy saving and enhanced energy efficiency.

The Prosecutor General’s Office, the Accounts Chamber, the Federal Taxation Service and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service are to ensure inspections of the work of the Special Economic Zones joint stock company and the legal entities set up to manage special economic zones, particularly in terms of the efficiency of the use of budget allocations, state and municipal property and other funds in the creation and functioning of special economic zones in the Russian Federation.

December 10, 2015