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Executive Order on improving state policy in healthcare

May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Improving State Policy in Healthcare.

The Executive Order was signed with the goal of further improving state policy in healthcare, aimed at maintaining and strengthening the health of Russian people and increasing their life expectancy.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to ensure by 2018 decrease in mortality from cardiovascular diseases, neoplasms (including cancer), tuberculosis and road accidents, as well as infant mortality, first and foremost by decreasing it in regions where this indicator is high.

The instructions also concern increasing domestic pharmaceutical production volume to cover 90 percent of the listof strategically significant medicines and the list of vital and highly important pharmaceuticals; developing the Strategy for Developing Medical Science in the Russian Federation through 2025 and the draft federal law on protecting the health of the population from the effects of tobacco use.

The Government and executive bodies of the federal constituent entities of the Russian Federation were instructed to ensure the further implementation of measures to generate healthy lifestyles for Russian people; develop the Strategy for Assuring Pharmaceutical Access forthe Russian Population through 2025 with participation by non-governmental organisations; to approve the plan of action for implementing the Principles of State Policy for Healthy Diet for the Russian Populationthrough 2020; to develop a set of measures to train sufficient and qualified professionals for the national healthcare; and to complete modernisation of the Russian Federation’s drug service by January 1, 2016.

The Executive Order instructs executive authorities in the federal constituent entities of the Russian Federation to present a yearly report to the Government on the state of the population’s health and healthcare management.

May 7, 2012