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Executive Order on implementing state policy in science and education

May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Measures to Implement State Policy in Science and Education.

The Executive Order is aimed at further upgrading state policy in education and science and training of qualified specialists to meet the demands of the innovation economy.

The instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation concerning education include, in particular, the drafting of a Concept of Developing Mathematical Education in Russia, monitoring of state educational institutions to assess their performance and restructure inefficient state educational institutions, raising the scholarships to the minimum subsistence level for students in need, providing support for gifted children and young people; improving the competitiveness of the leading universities among the world's leading research and education institutions; increasing the availability of preschool education.

In the field of science, the instructions concern, in particular, increasing the funding for state research foundations to 25 billion rubles, as well as the spending on research and development to 1.77% of GDP; adopting the long-term programme of fundamental research in Russia; increasing the share of Russian researchers’ publications in the total number of publications in international scientific journals indexed in the WEB of Science.

The instructions to the Government in conjunction with regional executive bodies of the Russian Federation concern, in particular, the performance of pre-school educational institutions, the establishment of multi-functional centres of applied qualifications that provide post-secondary education.

The Government, in conjunction with nationwide employers' associations and leading universities, with the involvement of scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences and international experts, has been tasked to submit proposals for accreditation of higher education programmes, especially in economics, law, management and sociology.

May 7, 2012