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Executive Order on measures to provide people with affordable housing and improve housing and utilities services

May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Measures to Provide Affordable and Comfortable Housing to the People of the Russian Federation and to Improve the Quality of Housing and Utilities Services.

The Executive Order was signed with the aim of improving living conditions for Russian population, further increasing access to housing and high-quality housing and utilities services.

Instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation concern, in particular, investing in housing and utilities; developing mortgages; creating opportunities for Russian people to improve their living conditions no less frequently than once every 15 years; and lowering the cost of housing construction.

Instructions to the Government and executive bodies of the federal constituent entities of the Russian Federation concern, in particular, providing free plots of land for economy-class housing construction; improving living conditions for families with many children; creating special mortgage lending conditions for specific categories of citizens (young families, public sector workers); improving the quality of housing and utilities services; developing a state programme for providing affordable and comfortable housing and public utility services to Russian people; suppressing monopolistic practices and unfair competition in the housing construction and building materials production sectors; and attracting private investments to the housing and utilities sector in order to resolve problems pertaining to modernisation and increasing energy efficiency.

May 7, 2012