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Executive Order On Ensuring Interethnic Unity

May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Ensuring Interethnic Unity.

The Executive Order was signed with the goal of harmonising interethnic relations, strengthening the unity of the multi-ethnic people of the Russian Federation and promoting conditions for its full development.

The Presidential Executive Office and the Government of the Russian Federation were instructed to draft suggestions on creating a Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations, and develop and approve a National Ethnic Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation.

The Government and state power bodies of the federal constituent entities of the Russian Federation were instructed to:

- draft suggestions supported bythe Russian Academy of Sciences, public associations and religious organisations, on composing a list of books that will be recommended to schoolchildren for independent reading (100 Books list) on various subjects including history, literature and culture of different Russian ethnic groups;

- develop a set of measures aimed at improving performance of government agencies in preventing interethnic conflicts, including designing effective mechanisms to settle such conflictsand systemically monitoring the state of interethnic relations, as well as intensifying efforts to prevent ethnic and religious extremism and suppress the activities of organised ethnic criminal groups;

- introduce a compulsory examination on the Russian language, the history of Russia and the fundamentals of the Russian Federation laws for migrant workers, with the exception of highly-skilled specialists;

- prepare and submit via the established procedures draft regulatory acts aimed at increasing administrative and criminal liability for violating the Russian Federation’s immigration laws.

May 7, 2012