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Executive Order on implementing plans for developing Armed Forces and modernising military-industrial complex

May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Implementing Plans (Programmes) for Building and Developing the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Other Troops, Military Units and Agencies, and Modernising the Military-Industrial Complex.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to ensure:

- equipping the Armed Forces, other troops, military units and agencies with modern armaments, military and special technologies, increasing their share to 70 percent by 2020;

- priority development for nuclear deterrence forces, air and space defence systems, communications, intelligence and control systems, electronic warfare, unmanned aerial vehicle systems, robotic strike systems, modern transit aviation, precision weapons and means to fight them, and individual soldier defence systems;

- developing the Navy, first and foremost in the Arctic areas and in Russia’s Far East with the aim of protecting the Russian Federation’s strategic interests.

The instructions also concern the following:

- creating a qualitatively new system of analysis and strategic planning to counter threats to national security for 30 to 50 years, for the purposes of drafting state weapons procurement programmes;

- making changes in the state defence purchases;

- improving the management of economic activities by companies in the military-industrial complex with the goal of optimising production processes, allowing for the use of cutting-edge technologies, including foreign technologies, for designing high-quality products;

- assuring the dynamic development of breakthrough high-risk research and development, fundamental science and the implementation of applied research programmes in the interest of national defence and state security, with participation by the Russian Academy of Sciences, state research centres and leading universities;

- developing a draft state armament programme for 2016–2025 stipulating comprehensive rearmament of the Armed Forces, other troops, military units and agencies on the basis of competitive domestic weapons models, and military and special technology.

May 7, 2012