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Executive Order on further improvements to military service

May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Further Improvements to Military Service in the Russian Federation.

Instructions were given to the Government of the Russian Federation on providing housing and monetary compensation to military service members, yearly pension increases for retired military personnel, and yearly increases over the course of five years in the number of service members serving professionally, by no fewer than 50 thousand individuals.

The instructions also concern the following:

- taking inventory of real estate belonging to the Armed Forces that is subject to transfer to the ownership offederal constituent entities of the Russian Federation or municipalities, and accomplishing such transfer;

- making amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation aimed at raising the prestige and appeal of compulsory military service, while providing additional benefits to individuals who completed military service such as admission to higher education institutions, preferential treatmentin application for state civil service and inclusion inthe pool of high-potential managers, as well as grants available for graduates from higher education institutions who have undergone compulsory military service to study at Russian and foreign business schools;

- creating a national reserve of Armed Forces in line with the concept of creating a new system of training and accumulating mobilization resources forthe Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military units, agencies and special units created in wartime under new socioeconomic conditions in the development of the Russian Federation;

working on the military and patriotic education of schoolchildren, as well as their physical development;

- developing militarily types of sports.

May 7, 2012