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Executive order on measures to implement demographic policy

May 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Measures to Implement the Demographic Policy of the Russian Federation.

The Executive Order was signed with the aim of improving the Russian Federation’s demographic policy.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to make provisions for increasing the total fertility rate to 1,753 and to increase life expectancy in Russia to 74 years by 2018.

Senior officials within Russia’s federal constituent entities are advised to establish monthly payments for families needing assistance, in an amount of the federal constituent entity’s specifiedsubsistence rate for children, to be applied after December 31, 2012 for the third or subsequent children born into a family, until said child reaches the age of three.

The Government is instructed to implement co-financing for thesepayments using budget allocations in the federal budget in those federal constituent territories that have unfavourable demographic situations and where the total fertility rate is lower than the Russian average.

The Government is also instructed to assure the implementation of measures aimed at improving migration policy, including the facilitation of migration for the purposes ofeducation and carrying out educational and research activities, the Russian Federation’s participation in humanitarian migration programmes, and the development and implementation of programmes of social adaptation and integration for migrants.

The Government and executive authorities of the federal constituent entities of the Russian Federation are instructed to take measures intended to foster conditions for women to combine child-rearing responsibilities with employment, and to provide for budgetary allocations for implementing the actions stipulated in this Executive Order during the formation of the federal budget and the budgets of the federal constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

May 7, 2012