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Instructions following a meeting on socioeconomic support for regions

April 10, 2022

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following a meeting on socioeconomic support for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation held on March 16, 2022.

The Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to oversee the adoption of amendments to legislation to establish, by December 31, 2022, a special procedure for assessing the financial status of families whose members lost their jobs after March 1, 2022 and have been registered as unemployed so that social support measures are provided to these families, and to enhance the accessibility of social support measures for families with children whose income has decreased considerably after March 1, 2022.

Instructions also have to do with additional support measures for the unemployed, an additional indexation of pensions, social benefits and wages at state- and municipally-owned organisations, as well as the increase of the minimum wage and subsistence minimum.

In addition, instructions provide for federal budgetary allocations to the budgets of the Russian Federation constituent entities for increasing the authorised capital of regional guarantee institutions, regional industry development funds and leasing companies with state capital; the allocation in 2022–2024 of additional federal funds to finance the construction of infrastructure facilities and to increase the acquisition of commodities made in Russia (including passenger public transport), works and services provided by Russian entities, with special attention paid to increasing domestic demand for the output of export-oriented sectors of the economy.

The Government was instructed to ensure the execution in full measure of strategic tasks, national goals, relevant state programmes of the Russian Federation, national and federal projects (programmes).

Instructions for the Government also have to do with the procedure for allocating various budgetary loans to the constituent and municipal entities of the Russian Federation; an additional indexation of equalising subsidies for budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation; the monitoring of regional budgets and, if necessary, the adoption of additional support measures for them; and the allocation of additional federal budgetary funds to the regions to offset the growing costs of construction works and construction materials in order to complete the planned construction of facilities.

The Government of the Russian Federation, together with State Council commissions, was instructed to consider a number of issues related, in particular, to various aspects of the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises; support for domestic producers of road and special equipment to ensure the implementation of major projects; additional support measures for import substitution research and design projects; restricting the growth of common municipal, suburban and interurban transportation prices; amending the legislation to accelerate the design and construction periods for priority infrastructure projects.

The Government of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with executive authorities of the Russian Federation constituent entities, was instructed to bring down the level of poverty and income inequality in 2022; to ensure the supply of the necessary amount of essential goods, medicines and medical products to the domestic market; to monitor the situation on the markets with a high share of exports and take measures to maintain the production of export commodities and to increase their delivery to the domestic market.

Instructions for the Government, together with the Bank of Russia, stipulate support for transport and logistics companies, in particular, by increasing the volume of foreign currency cash which the transport companies that are residents of the Russian Federation receive to cover mandatory spending on their operations in the territory of foreign states; by approving deferred lease or loan payments for the vehicles detained in the territory of foreign sates until their physical return to the territory of Russia; and by adopting a simplified procedure for the payment of claims under insurance contracts for the vehicles detained in the territory of foreign states without confirmation of the insurance event by government agencies and companies under the jurisdiction of foreign states.

The Government of the Russian Federation, together with law enforcement agencies and the Emergencies Ministry, was instructed to ensure the continued easing of the regulatory and administrative pressure on businesses.

The Government of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with the State Council Commission on State and Municipal Administration, is to analyse the state of socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation constituent entities and, if necessary, adopt decisions to stabilise their economic and social situation.

Recommendation were also given to senior officials and bodies of state authority of the Russian Federation constituent entities.

April 10, 2022