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Law on legal regulation of urban development and other relations in conditions of external sanctions pressure

May 1, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law Amending the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.

The federal law specifies legal regulation of urban development and other relations to support the Russian economy in conditions of external sanctions pressure.

To simplify the procedure for implementing high-priority infrastructure modernisation and expansion projects, the regulations on urban development, land and other relations during construction and reconstruction of transport infrastructure facilities, as stipulated by Federal Law On the Specifics of Regulating Certain Relations to Upgrade and Expand Trunk Pipelines Infrastructure and On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, shall also apply to construction and renovation of trunk gas pipelines, oil pipelines, petroleum product pipelines, industrial, social and other infrastructure facilities, The Government of the Russian Federation shall create a list of facilities covered by the law.

The law also stipulates that the above infrastructure facilities shall be built and renovated in compliance with the requirements of environmental protection legislation, law on specially protected nature territories, as well as land, forest, water and other legislation aimed at preserving a clean environment and natural resources.

The law stipulates a number of measures to protect valuable lands and specifies certain norms regulating state cadastre registration procedures, the state registration of real estate property rights and renovation of blocks of flats.

The law also vests the Government of the Russian Federation with additional powers until the end of 2022 for regulating the specifics of issuing certain documents and approvals needed to conduct urban development activity.

May 1, 2022