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Instructions following an audit of the implementation of legislation and presidential decisions aimed at developing a promising mineral resource base

June 28, 2022

The President approved a list of instructions following an audit of the implementation of legislation and presidential decisions aimed at developing a promising mineral resource base.

In order to ensure, under the current conditions, the state’s technological independence and security based on the full life cycle of production from raw materials to final products, the Russian Federation Government was instructed to develop and implement a set of priority measures to create demand for domestic solid minerals (including rare and rare earth metals, titanium, lithium, manganese, beryllium, tantalum and wolfram) in certain critical sectors of the economy (metallurgy, the defence, chemical and medical industries, and construction).

These measures should, in particular, provide for a consolidated order for specific types of goods (machinery, assemblies, installations and materials) with an increase in the share of Russian solid minerals in the chain of their manufacture; the creation of Russian production capacities and technologies for the processing, mining and exploration of minerals, and the geological study of minerals; the utilisation of waste components of mining and processing activities, ashes and slags; the geological and economic reassessment of recorded state reserves; the assessment of probable mineral resources; and the adjustment of strategic planning documents for the development of the mineral resource base and industries regarding the coordination of goals, activities, indicators and deadlines.

The Russian Federation Government, together with the Federal Assembly chambers, was instructed to work out the issues of stimulating the exploration and mining of strategic and scarce types of raw materials and to make the necessary amendments to the legislation.

The Government, with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Rosatom State Corporation and other interested organisations, was instructed to determine the priorities for the development of the mineral resource base of solid minerals in conjunction with the forecast for scientific and technological development in order to create promising high-tech products and materials for the long term. In addition, the instructions relate to the development and implementation of a federal scientific and technical programme aimed at providing comprehensive support for geological exploration, mining and industrial processing of solid minerals, as well as the accelerated substitution of imported technologies and equipment with Russian equivalents.

The Government was instructed to organise prompt and coordinated support to address these tasks, including using the mechanisms of the Russian Federation Government Coordination Centre.

June 28, 2022