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Ratification of Protocol on Amending CSTO Charter

March 1, 2012

Dmitry Medvedev signed Federal Law On Ratification of the Protocol on Amending the Charter of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation of October 7, 2002.

The Protocol was signed in Moscow on December 10, 2010.

It was drafted in response to the crisis situation in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2010 which demonstrated the need to improve the mechanism for employing the power potential of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation ( CSTO) in reacting to similar situations. The Protocol introduced corresponding amendments to the Charter of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation of October 7, 2002.

The Protocol specifies the CSTO’s scope of activities in designing an effective system of collective security and a system for reacting to crisis situations that threaten the security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty of CSTO member-states. The Protocol also specifies the CSTO’s organisational structure and the tasks and functions of the CSTO’s Permanent Council, Secretary General, Secretariat and Joint Staff. In addition, in accordance with the amendments to the Charter, extra-budgetary resources can be used to finance the CSTO operation.

The Protocol stipulates that CSTO member-states take joint measures to form CSTO coalition (collective) forces, regional (united) groups of troops, peacekeeping forces, joint systems and agencies for managing these forces and military infrastructure. CSTO member-states shall work together in military and technical cooperation (military supplies), equipping armed forces, law enforcement agencies and special services with the necessary weapons, military and special equipment, and special instruments, as well as cooperate in state borders protection, information exchange, information security, defending people and territories in emergency natural and technological situations and from dangers occurring during or as a result of military action.

The new version of the Charter stipulates the possibility for the Collective Security Council to make decisions in its restricted format, provided that none of the CSTO member-states objects to this decision-making procedure.

The Protocol’s provisions are aimed at increasing the efficacy of the CSTO’s operations, which meets the Russian Federation’s interests in strengthening its defence capacity and security.

March 1, 2012