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Congratulations on the 66th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

May 8, 2011

Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the peoples of the CIS countries and also Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Georgia, on the 66th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

In his message of congratulations to President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, Mr Medvedev said, “On this day, we remember with deep respect and gratitude all who defended their homeland’s independence and future on the battlefields and through their labour on the home front. Our duty is to preserve and hand down to our young people the memory of this exceptional achievement.

I am sure that those years’ invaluable legacy — the solidarity and unity that bind our peoples – will continue to serve as the foundation for developing the alliance and mutually advantageous partnership between the Russian and Armenian peoples.” 

* * *

In his message of congratulations to President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Mr Medvedev said, in particular: “The courage and heroism our peoples showed in those difficult years will always serve as an example of devotion and selfless service in the name of the fatherland. Our duty is to prevent any attempts to rewrite history, and raise our young people in a spirit of patriotism and pride in our common history. 

We highly value Azerbaijan’s principled stand on preventing revision of the results of World War II. I am sure that our efforts to preserve this historical memory will continue to help us to strengthen the traditions of friendship and good-neighbourliness between our countries and serve the interests of stability and security in the Caucasus.”

* * *

In his message to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, Mr Medvedev noted, in particular: “We will preserve in our hearts forever the memory of the heroes of this terrible war. They defended our freedom and independence at the price of their own lives, and vanquished the Nazi invaders in fierce battle. 

I am sure that the great legacy of the war years – the bonds of friendship and reciprocal help that unite the Russian and Belarusian peoples — will continue to form a solid foundation for developing a close and mutually beneficial alliance and multifaceted partnership between our peoples and countries based on democracy and free expression of our peoples’ will.”

* * *

In his message to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, Mr Medvedev said, “At this symbolic time we bow our heads before the liberator-soldiers who gave their own lives and fought and laboured hard to bring us victory and peace. Their heroism and self-sacrifice will always be an eternal example of courage and unbending will. 

The war took tens of millions of lives and destroyed the destinies of many people. We have an eternal debt before the victors, and it is our sacred duty to preserve the historical memory and protect the glorious traditions of friendship and unity between our peoples. 

I am sure that the relations between Russia and Kazakhstan, which are built on the firm foundation of strategic alliance and partnership, will continue to grow stronger and develop for the good of our peoples and in the interests of peace and security throughout Eurasia.”

* * *

Mr Medvedev sent a message of congratulations on the 66th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War to President of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan for a transition period Roza Otunbayeva, in which he said, in particular: “The valiant feats of the liberator-heroes, who defended their homeland’s freedom and independence in bloody battles, holds a special place in our common history. We all have an eternal debt before the victors who sacrificed their lives for our future’s sake.

I am sure that the peoples of Russia and Kyrgyzstan will continue to preserve the memory of this feat, the soldiers’ selfless spirit on the frontlines, and the labour of those who toiled on the home front. Their common and unvanquished efforts defeated the enemy. I am sure too that the great legacy of those years – the strong friendship and spirit of mutual supportiveness between our peoples – will continue to help us develop the multifaceted relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan.” 

* * *

In his message of congratulations to Acting President of Moldova and Prime Minister of Moldova Marian Lupu, Mr Medvedev said, “Bound by ties of strong friendship, the Russian and Moldovan peoples fought shoulder to shoulder in bitter battles and laboured tirelessly on the home front in the name of their’ and their descendants’ freedom. Victory was achieved at the cost of tremendous effort, suffering, and irreplaceable losses.

It is our sacred duty to preserve the victors’ glory and work together to prevent any attempts to falsify the historical truth and distort the results of the Great Patriotic War. I am sure that the traditions of mutual support and solidarity that grew strong over those difficult years will continue to serve as a foundation for developing all-round cooperation between our countries.” 

* * *

In his message of congratulations to President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, Mr Medvedev said, “We honour on this day the victors, all who defended their homeland’s freedom and independence in the fight against Nazism, and who toiled selflessly on the home front. Their heroic labour, unity and solidarity serve to this day as an immortal example for their grateful descendants. 

I am sure that it is our duty towards those who saved the world from enslavement to further develop the multifaceted partnership between our countries.”

* * *

In his message to President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Mr Medvedev said, “Human history never knew such a terrible and destructive war. Our peoples suffered with honour the difficulties and privations of those tragic years, and together, in indestructible unity, fought the Nazi enslavers.

It is the sacred duty of today’s generations to inculcate in our young people the spirit of loyalty and love towards their homelands and a sense of pride in our common glorious history. I am sure that the friendly relations and alliance between Russia and Turkmenistan will contribute to this in every way.” 

* * *

In his congratulations to President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Mr Medvedev said, “Boundless devotion to their homeland gave our peoples the strength to withstand the ruthless attacks by the Nazi aggressors and defend their descendants’ peace and freedom. We honour the immortal memory of the liberator-soldiers today in the spirit of deepest gratitude.

Millions of people gave their lives for this victory. It is our sacred duty to preserve the heroes’ memory and defend the historical truth through our common efforts to prevent attempts to revise the results of the Great Patriotic War.

I am sure that the friendly peoples of our countries share this view. Our mutual commitment to developing the partnership between Russia and Uzbekistan will continue to form the foundation for expanding our multifaceted cooperation.”

* * *

In his message of congratulations to President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Mr Medvedev said, “On this day we pay tribute to the soldiers and toilers – the veterans of the Great Patriotic War – who brought us victory over the Nazi invaders and their accomplices.

Our peoples suffered huge losses and great privation, but not only did they defend their homeland’s independence, they saved the world from mortal peril. This unprecedented feat will remain forever in the memory of their grateful descendants. It is important to preserve the truth about the Great Patriotic War for future generations, and resist any attempts to rewrite history.

I am sure that our peoples’ heroic past and their desire to preserve and build upon our common cultural and spiritual heritage will help us to keep strengthening the strategic partnership between Russia and Ukraine.” 

* * *

In his message to President of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh, Mr Medvedev said, “Boundless love for the homeland and selfless spirit helped our peoples to defend peace and freedom in the battle against Nazism, and overcome the severe trials of the war years together. The sacred memory of the soldiers’ feats on the battlefields and the toilers’ labour on the home front will live forever in our hearts and always be an example of unbending will and courage for the young generations.

I am sure that the traditions of good-neighbourliness and mutual respect between us will continue to give a solid foundation to our efforts to develop all-round cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia and strengthen stability and security in the Caucasus.”

* * *

In his message to President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity, Mr Medvedev said, “Our fathers and grandfathers stood side by side in the fight against the Nazi invaders, defended their homeland’s freedom and independence, and saved the peoples of Europe from enslavement. It is our duty to preserve the memory of their great feat and raise our young people in the spirit of patriotism and pride in their common history’s heroic pages. 

I am sure that our peoples continue to honour their glorious traditions of friendship and mutual aid. The close cooperation between Russia and South Ossetia will continue to play a big part in ensuring security and stability in the Trans-Caucasus and contribute to the region’s economic and social development.” 

* * *

Mr Medvedev sent the people of Georgia a message of congratulations on the 66th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, in which he said, in particular: “In these spring days the peoples of Russia and Georgia once more remember our rich common history and honour the hero-liberators who fought shoulder to shoulder against the Nazi invaders to defend their homeland’s freedom and independence.

Victory came at a great price. Every family felt the sorrow of loss and privation. It is our common duty to preserve the sacred memory of the victors and inculcate a spirit of patriotism and pride in this common victory in our young people.

Russia remains committed to the centuries-old traditions of good neighbourliness and friendship between our two peoples. We want to see a flourishing and free Georgia living in peace with its neighbours.”

May 8, 2011