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Greetings to the 18th session of the Council of Heads of the CIS security and intelligence agencies

September 30, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to the participants in the 18th session of the Council of Heads of the CIS member countries’ security and intelligence agencies.

The message reads, in part:

“It is traditional for the agenda of your high-profile meeting to include a wide range of national and regional security issues. Reliable protection of the CIS countries from external and internal threats, their social stability and order directly depend on how effectively we address these issues.

Today, in the context of a global crisis, when the hegemony of the collective West is fading into the past and a new and fairer multipolar world is taking shape, close and constructive interaction between the security agencies and special services of our countries comes to the fore. It is of the essence in tackling common challenges such as international terrorism and extremism, cybercrime and drug trafficking. It is important to intensify the exchange of information and professional experience, to conduct joint operations, to look for new formats of our time-tested multilateral partnership.

I am confident that the proposals and recommendations drafted at this meeting will be instrumental in strengthening cooperation between the services you head for the benefit of our countries and peoples.”

September 30, 2022