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Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation medal presentation ceremony

April 30, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow

On the eve of International Workers’ Solidarity Day, the President presented Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation gold medals to Russians who have made a substantial contribution to the country’s socioeconomic development, including the development of culture, education, industry and agriculture.

The Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation title was established by Presidential Executive Order No. 294 of March 29, 2013.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends.

It is the fourth such occasion that today, on the eve of International Workers’ Solidarity Day, Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation gold medals are presented to outstanding Russian citizens.

This honorary title is, without doubt, true to our people’s very nature. For centuries, our people have performed feats of labour as well as of combat glory, built a great country, made scientific breakthroughs, created immortal artistic and literary masterpieces.

Our distinguished compatriots have been of different ethnicities and faiths, but a feeling of responsibility for Russia’s future and involvement in its history have brought them together. They have shown that true patriotism means primarily working selflessly for the good of the nation.

Our task is to build on the achievements of past generations and use the legacy of our thousand-year history to create a new, prosperous, future-oriented country.

A country’s leading position and competitiveness depend very much on each citizen’s effort to grow and develop personally. A person should always hone his or her professional skills, acquire new ones, and use only the leading standards and requirements as benchmarks. Self-improvement, determined work, and fulfilling one’s potential will ensure that the country continues to move forward.

This is the path that our laureates have chosen to find success and make an important, outstanding contribution to the strengthening of Russia.

Vladimir Bogdanov has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to the oil and gas industry. For 30 years, he has been at the helm of one of Russia’s largest oil and gas companies, Surgutneftegaz. The company’s strategy consists in constant advancement using cutting-edge technology. Surgutneftegaz is developing new fields in Western and Eastern Siberia, remaining the country’s leader in terms of the volume of prospecting and development drilling. The entry into operation of Europe’s largest deep conversion refinery has helped the company to increase output of high-added-value products. I must also say that the company pays great attention to social issues, and the look of the city where it is headquartered is best proof of that.

The growth of Russia’s agriculture hinges on those who work in the fields, those who work the land. Dalai Gungayev has set himself a difficult task. An experienced and well-known shepherd, he breeds a valuable breed of sheep, the Trans-Baikal Fine-Wool. His excellent results prove that Siberia and the Far East have all it takes to ensure the successful development of agriculture and animal husbandry.

For decades, this country has been proud of the achievements of its military industrial complex. Our designers and engineers offer unprecedented technical and technological solutions. Among such designs are the missile systems created under the leadership of Pavel Kamnev of the legendary Novator design bureau. No other country in the world has weapons with similar technical features.

It is absolutely true, and there cannot be any doubt about it, that Iosif Kobzon, another of those awarded today, has truly won the love of the entire nation. Several generations of Russians and citizens of other countries born in the Soviet Union grew up listening to his songs. Mr Kobzon is striving to serve his country not only as a talented performer but also as a State Duma deputy, a public activist and patron of the arts. Mr Kobzon has always helped those in need of support, and displayed both courage and bravery in doing it. Currently he is involved in organising humanitarian aid supplies to Donbass residents, and performs before his fellow countrymen.

Schoolteacher Lyudmila Kornilova has devoted her life to teaching history. She has demonstrated that a gifted teacher should not only teach but also learn and constantly improve one’s teaching methods. It is crucial not just to deliver knowledge to students but also to arouse their interest in history, a need to turn to history to find answers to many questions of today. I would like to stress that thanks to Ms Kornilova the school now has a museum of local history, and the history classroom has turned into a real creative laboratory. Ms Kornilova’s lessons to a considerable degree determined the life of many students, helped in instilling the feelings of patriotism and civic consciousness.

Dear friends, I congratulate you all on the well-deserved title of the Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation and wish you new achievements for the benefit of Russia and our people. Thank you.


Vladimir Putin: Friends, award winners,

Those who have been awarded today include people known to millions of our compatriots, such as Iosif Kobzon, as well as people nobody has met or heard of until now. I hope that after today’s ceremony they will be noticed and appreciated.

Their achievements are no less significant due to their low profile than the achievements of those known to millions. Everything you have done adds to the nation’s riches, helps the country to improve its defense, economy and dignity, and allows us to face the future with confidence.

I congratulate you on the coming holiday and the state awards. Thank you very much.

April 30, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow