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Presenting Gold Star medals to Heroes of Russia

December 8, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow

The ceremony to present Gold Star medals to Heroes of Russia took place in St George's Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace ahead of Heroes of the Fatherland Day, marked in Russia on December 9.

Taking part in the event were over 200 military personnel and civilians who have demonstrated special courage and heroism, including Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and recipients of the Order of St George.

The medal recipients received greetings from by Hero of Russia, First Deputy Chair of the State Duma Committee on Defence Andrei Krasov, and Hero of Russia, member of the Federation Council Committee on Defence and Security Dmitry Perminov.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, colleagues, comrades,

Today we pay tribute to the Heroes of the Fatherland.

People of various eras, times, fates and personalities, whose names are inscribed in the history of our state, performed heroic feats and deeds – military, labour and civilian – in the name of our Motherland, in the name of our people.

The recipients of the Order of St George, founded by Catherine the Great, as well as the Order of Glory, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of the Russian Federation – we honour everyone who earned their high title with their courage and self-sacrifice, and now, at this time, we feel especially keenly that the link of times is unbreakable, that the sacred feeling of love for the Motherland is passed down through generations and is an absolute, supreme value.

Our country has faced great challenges many times, and our people responded with an unbreakable unity to all attempts to encroach upon our state’s security and independence, and stood united to defend our homeland in the battlefield and on the home front.

We bow before our ancestors who created the great, victorious history of Russia and take pride in our soldiers, officers, volunteers and militia who are fighting now in the special military operation, who are performing their military duty with honour when defending the lives and dignity of our citizens, as well as our shared right to choose our own path.

Today, the highest state awards will be presented to military personnel who demonstrated exceptional valour and courage during the special military operation and earned the Hero of Russia title.

I sincerely thank you for serving your Motherland, for your loyalty to the ideals that have always, at all times, rallied Russia together.

I would also like to address those who are on the frontlines now: for me, for all our fellow citizens, each of you is a hero. And I really want you to feel the warmth of our hearts, and the warmth of this truly nationwide support.


Heroism is based on one’s love for their Motherland and a deep awareness of their duty be it military, civil, or professional, a clear idea, deep down, of how one should live their life, what kind of values to uphold and to defend, and how to act in difficult, extreme situations.

This is what guides people who choose professions that involve great personal risk, but at the same time, lead their whole country to success and achievement. And today, I will be happy to present awards to our test cosmonauts.

All heroes put their duty before everything else – all those people who rescue others at great personal risk, who perform remarkable exploits at work, in science, in industry, in teaching or in the medical field, in various fields, who give their energy and expertise, working hard for the sake of their nation, their homeland, who are worthy successors of the centuries-old history of accomplishments by our people.

I am sure that the lives and deeds of the Heroes of the Fatherland serve as the most important moral reference point for the majority of citizens in our vast country, that they inspire us to always achieve more, go forward and create, for the benefit of the people, and together make our country stronger and more successful.

Greetings on Heroes of the Fatherland Day.


Vladimir Putin: Friends,

Many of those who received awards today spoke about their devotion to their Motherland, and they have proved, not in words but in deeds, that it is the law they live by.

In the midst of combat, and in any situation involving extreme danger, every person wants to stay alive and whole, and wants to see their friends, family, children, wives, and parents again. But this sense of self-preservation, which is natural for every human, fades into the background when people live by higher meanings and higher ideals of devotion to their nation.

Today is a holiday, but we must remember those who are not with us today, the people who perished while defending their Motherland, as well as those now recovering from wounds – let us wish health and prosperity to all of them.

We must also remember their families, the people who have been the closest to them and who have made them heroes – their parents, their classmates at school (maybe even from kindergarten) and colleagues at work.

I wish all the best to all of you today. I would like to say and confirm what the awardees have said here today, that you are on a great mission. When you talk about your Motherland, you must never forget that your Motherland is not just a territory; your Motherland includes the people you are defending. That is what your Motherland is. We all realise this, and we are grateful to you and your comrades-in-arms for what you are doing for our Motherland.

Happy holiday! Congratulations on your awards.

December 8, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow