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Ceremony of presenting state decorations to Interior Ministry military servicemen who distinguished themselves in combat missions

November 19, 2010, Kislovodsk

During a trip to Stavropol Territory, Dmitry Medvedev visited an Interior Ministry’s motorised battalion base, where he spoke with the servicemen and reviewed the arms and equipment the unit has at its disposal.

In his remarks at the ceremony of presenting state decorations, the President thanked the servicemen for their professionalism and said he hoped the examples they have set will serve as a moral beacon for everyone whose job it is to defend the country.

Speech at ceremony presenting state decorations

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev: Comrades, these state decorations are being presented today to interior troops who have displayed courage in the performance of their duties and military missions.

Our state has great need of your service. Together with the other law enforcement agencies you ensure public law and order in our country, protect ordinary people’s interests, defend our country’s territorial integrity, guard strategic national sites, fight banditry and extremism, and help to maintain stability here in our country’s most complicated region – the North Caucasus. More than 26,000 servicemen of the Interior Ministry have been decorated since January 1994, and 90 of them have received the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

2011 is a special year for the interior troops, who will mark their 200th anniversary. Your history contains many truly heroic pages. Your predecessors laid down unique traditions that remain strong to this day: traditions of professionalism, mutual aid, readiness to come to the assistance of one’s comrades and ordinary people. Today too, those serving in the interior troops are true patriots who are loyal to their oath and their military duties.

”Comrade servicemen, you not only guarantee security but bear this load on your very shoulders, defending our country’s national interests.“

Comrade servicemen, you not only guarantee security but bear this load on your very shoulders, defending our country’s national interests. Even in peacetime you have to carry out what are essentially feats of combat.

The Order of Courage is awarded today to Senior Lieutenant Mikhail Badmagaryayev — I will name everyone now, and you will then come up and receive your decorations, — Senior Lieutenant Maxim Merkushin, and Sergeant Alexander Mitlinov. The Medal for Bravery is awarded to Lieutenant Pavel Borsyakov and Major Vladimir Korsakov.

For Mikhail Badmagaryayev and Vladimir Korsakov this is already their third state decoration for their part in military operations. Well done indeed! I congratulate you.

I want to congratulate all of you for your honest and professional service. I hope that the examples you have set will serve as a moral beacon for your comrades, for all serving in the interior troops, and for everyone whose job it is to defend our country.

Let us now proceed with presenting the decorations.


Major Vladimir Korsakov: Comrade Commander-in-Chief, comrades,

The interior troops have been defending law and order in Russia for 200 years now. At all times, those who served in these forces have shown through their actions that ‘honour’, ‘courage’ and ‘bravery’ are not empty words but lofty and sacred concepts. 

I think that these high state decorations recognise not just our merits, but the merits of our commanders and comrades too. I assure you that the interior troops are always ready to carry out their duties before our country and people.

Comrade Commander-in-Chief, allow me to present you with the maroon beret – the symbol of valour of the Russian Interior Ministry’s special forces – and wish you success in the noble task of serving our homeland.

Dmitry MEDVEDEV: Comrades,

I congratulate all of you who received decorations today. Indeed, it is almost 200 years that the interior troops have been performing their duties now. It was in 1811 that Alexander I issued a decree establishing the internal guards. As was rightly noted just now, over these years those who served in these forces have accomplished many feats. All of you decorated today are also performing your duties with professionalism and honour.

Here is a beautiful land, with wonderful weather and perfect calm. But you know very well that this calm can be deceptive. You put your skills and abilities to use in order to help ordinary people who have met with emergencies, defend our common interests, the state’s interests, and ensure that our country remains strong and does not start to crumble apart. I am sure that you will continue to serve your country and people with honour.

Once more, I congratulate you warmly on receiving these high state decorations. I wish you good health and success, and wish you and your families happiness. Congratulations!

November 19, 2010, Kislovodsk