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President Putin will present 2012 National Awards

June 11, 2013

On June 12, Russia Day, Vladimir Putin will present the 2012 Russian Federation National Awards in the Kremlin.

The Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technology is conferred to:

Anatoly Derevyanko for his outstanding research and publications on the earliest history of humans in Eurasia and the formation of anatomically modern humans;

Gleb Dobrovolsky (posthumously), Dmitry Pavlov and Andrei Adrianov for a series of fundamental works in studying biological diversity, its preservation and environmental safety assurance;

Georgy Karzov, Yaroslav Shtrombakh and Alexei Dub for developing a new class of high radiation-resistant materials for nuclear reactor pressure vessels and methods for increasing their lifespan;

Yefim Mezhiritsky, Sergei Nikulin and Viktor Shurygin for creating the Yars strategic missile system.

The Russian Federation National Award in Literature and Arts is conferred to:

Filmmaker Sergei Miroshnichenko for his contribution to the development of Russian documentary films;

Artist Tahir Salakhov for his contribution to fine art;

Filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov for his contribution to Russian cinema, the revival and development of the Mosfilm Studios.

The Russian Federation National Award in Humanitarian Work is conferred to writer Valentin Rasputin.

The ceremony for presenting the national awards in the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square will be followed by a reception to celebrate the national holiday, Russia Day.

June 11, 2013