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Executive Order on 2014 Georgy Zhukov National Award

April 23, 2014

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Awarding the 2014 Russian Federation National Award named after Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. 

The Georgy Zhukov National Award for 2014 in the field of military science is awarded to a group of experts for their academic work Educating Patriots of the Motherland, which has made a big contribution to developing Russia’s Armed Forces.

The Georgy Zhukov National Award for 2014 in the field of arms and military equipment development is awarded to a group of experts for developing equipment and operating systems for regional headquarters in charge of designated forces and resources involved in counterterrorism operations. Their work has contributed to effective resolution of national security issues.

The Georgy Zhukov National Award for 2014 in the field of literature and the arts is awarded to writer Yury Bondarev for his series of books describing the greatness of the people’s feat in the 1941–1945 Great Patriotic War and the heroism and courage of those who defended their fatherland.

April 23, 2014