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Presentation of Russian Federation National Awards

June 12, 2015

Vladimir Putin presented the 2014 National Awards for science and technology, literature and the arts, and outstanding achievements in humanitarian work.

Yevgeny Kablov won the award in science and technology for developing a new generation of high-temperature construction and functional materials and the development for the purposes of import replacement of high technology low-tonnage production of materials and technology for aviation, aerospace and special equipment; Gennady Krasnikov won the award in science and technology for developing semiconductor structures with controlled and stable electrophysical parameters for modern microelectronic production; and Valery Tishkov won the award for his achievements in ethnology and social and cultural anthropology, the development of the ethnic monitoring method and ethno-political conflict prevention and resolution method.

The national award for literature and the arts was given to Tamara Melnikova for the comprehensive restoration of the Lermontov National Memorial Estate Tarkhany, revival of estate traditions and popularisation of Mikhail Lermontov’s creative legacy; film director Alexander Sokurov for his contribution to the development of national and world cinema; and actress Chulpan Khamatova for her contribution to the development of national theatre and cinema arts.

Composer Alexandra Pakhmutova is the laureate of the national award for outstanding achievements in humanitarian work.

Following the National Awards presentation ceremony, a reception to mark Russia’s national holiday, Russia Day, took place on the Kremlin’s Ivanovskaya Square.

June 12, 2015