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National Award presented to Daniil Granin

June 3, 2017, St Petersburg

Vladimir Putin presented writer and public activist Daniil Granin with the National Award for outstanding achievements in humanitarian activity in 2016.

The ceremony was attended by cultural workers and arts professionals, the writer’s family members, St Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and Presidential Aide Andrei Fursenko.

Following the ceremony, Vladimir Putin had a conversation with Daniil Granin. The writer presented the President of Russia with a photo album devoted to St Petersburg.

The National Award has been presented since 2006 to individuals involved in educational and peacemaking activities to promote enduring values and consolidate society, which received wide public recognition in Russia.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Granin, friends, colleagues,

Writer and publicist Daniil Granin is not only a renowned classical Russian author. This is a person who has earned the greatest moral authority in our country and the respect of millions of people for his civic position and his passionate and proactive attitude to the spiritual and cultural development of Russian society.

Mr Granin initiated the creation of the first Relief Society in the Soviet Union. It was established in Leningrad and contributed to the revival and consolidation of the charity tradition as one of the most important principles of our lives.

Tens of thousands of people participate in this movement. Your contribution to this work is invaluable. As they say, its development can hardly be overestimated.

You have always cared for and thought a great deal about the ethic, moral and cultural development of society in general, about the importance of bringing up the young generations on these principles.

You have always given your utmost attention to the original, fundamental human qualities: honesty, decency and conscientiousness, rightly believing that these qualities determine a person’s fate and his or her deeds.

These issues have been at the centre of your attention as a writer as well. Thus, in your works you have consistently defended the integrity of science, the selfless obsession of scientists, their devotion to their work and scientific search.

In your numerous travel notes and essays on great Russian writers and statesmen, you have always, raised the issues of ethics and morality. Your educational television shows inevitably touch upon the civic role of culture and its influence on the minds and hearts of people.

All of your life has been closely linked with humanitarian work. This is why the National Award of the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements in this field has been awarded to you.

Thank you very much. Congratulations.

Ceremony of presenting the National Award.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Granin, friends,

Mr Granin, you once wrote wonderful words – that is, you have written many wonderful words but one of your key phrases in my opinion, a pivotal thought that recurs in a great may of your works, goes something like this, if I am not mistaken: “Conscience is like a small representation of the God.”

This truly is a pivotal thought that always reminds us that the enduring values of kindness, morality, love, decency and honour must lie at the core of our lives, of our existence.

Thank you for fostering these qualities in us.

June 3, 2017, St Petersburg