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On Presidential instructions concerning the implementation of the State Policy Strategy Regarding Russian Cossacks

April 9, 2021

Following the approval by Presidential Executive Order No. 505 of August 9, 2020, of the State Policy Strategy Regarding Russian Cossacks for 2021–2030, a new list of instructions concerning the policy has been compiled.

The Government of the Russian Federation, working together with the Moscow Government within the framework of implementing the State Policy Strategy Regarding Russian Cossacks for 2021–2030, has been instructed to take measures to create a Central Museum of Russian Cossacks at the State Historical Museum and to ensure its functioning, including by providing the necessary funding for this.

Plenipotentiary presidential envoys to the federal districts have been given a number of instructions concerning the implementation of the State Policy Strategy.

Public authorities in the Russian constituent entities, together with local self-government bodies, have been instructed to prepare and implement a list of measures for the implementation of the State Policy Strategy, and also got recommendations to attract the All-Russian Cossack Society to the implementation of their plans.

The opening of the Central Museum of Russian Cossacks was earlier initiated by the Presidential Council for Cossack Affairs, for the purpose of commemorating the Cossacks who died while defending the Fatherland, as well as for implementing public initiatives concerning voluntary repatriation of Cossack insignia and items of historical value to the Russian Federation.

April 9, 2021