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Instructions following a meeting of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights

December 2, 2014

Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions drafted following a meeting of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights on October 14, 2014.

The Government, together with international public organisation Spravedlivaya Pomoshch [Fair Help], has been instructed to organise and finance medical aid, including high-tech medical aid, for children in Ukraine affected by the armed conflict in southeast Ukraine or unable to receive the necessary medical assistance because of the conflict.

The Government has also been instructed to present proposals on provision of temporary shelter, Russian Federation residence permits and citizenship to Ukrainian citizens who received higher or secondary professional education in Russia in 2014 or will receive such education in 2015, and have expressed the desire to remain in Russia.

Instructions to the Government also concern the legal status of journalists working in armed conflict zones and situations and measures for their social support.

The Government also received instructions concerning support for non-profit non-governmental organisations taking part in work to develop civil society institutions and carrying out projects of social importance, the legal status of films that have become part of the national cultural heritage and ensuring the public’s free access to such films, and compliance with environmental protection law at the Wrangel Island national nature reserve.

The Government, Presidential Executive Office and Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights jointly received instructions to draw up a draft concept for state policy to immortalise the memory of victims of political repression and prepare the needed legislative amendments.

The Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights has been instructed to organise public discussion of proposals for improving criminal penalties for corruption-related crimes, propose improvements to the institution of pardons, and draft proposals for holding a civil society forum of the  BRICS countries in 2015.

The Foreign Ministry, Russian Human Rights Commissioner, and the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights have been jointly instructed to draft proposals on holding an international human rights forum to examine ways of improving international legal mechanisms for protecting human rights and freedoms.

December 2, 2014