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Instructions following meeting of Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights

December 2, 2017

The President approved a list of instructions following the October 30, 2017, meeting of the PresidentialCouncil for Civil Society and Human Rights.

The Presidential Executive Office was instructed jointly with the Ministry of Justice to analyse the practice of applying Russian legislation regulating the issues of pardon, and to submit proposals on its improvement.

The Presidential Executive Office was also instructed jointly with the Central Election Commission to consider proposals from the report of the Monitoring Working Group of the Council for Civil Society and Human Rights (on the 2017 election results), and to submit proposals on their implementation if necessary.

Recommendations to the Civic Chamber together with the Council for Civil Society and Human Rights and Russian Popular Front refer to measures on ensuring processing of municipal household waste and on taking into account people’s opinions when building facilities for waste processing.

The Foreign Ministry was instructed to set up an inter-agency working group including representatives of NGOs to work out recommendations on ensuring effective legal protection of Russian nationals abroad.

The Prosecutor General's Office was instructed to analyse the practice of applying Russian legislation in the part dealing with the citizen’s right to gather peacefully without arms for meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets.

The Supreme Court was given recommendations to sum up the practice of court deliberations in cases of violations in organising and holding public events.

December 2, 2017