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Meeting with Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron

November 11, 2010, Seoul

Dmitry Medvedev and David Cameron discussed various aspects of bilateral relations, as well as the situation in Iran and North Korea and other regional issues.

The two parties stressed the importance of coordinating joint efforts to address international security challenges.

Dmitry Medvedev invited David Cameron to make a visit to Russia next year.

* * *

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev: My colleague, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and I have just held talks, during which we reviewed bilateral and international issues and exchanged opinions on the situation in the global economy.

In our view, the G20 makes a significant contribution to the solution of various matters. Here, we are ready to join efforts. Many of our views on recent developments coincide. We will continue these contacts during the discussion of various topics by the G20.

With regard to the international agenda, we have addressed international security issues: the situation in Iran, North Korea and several other hot spots around the world. We agree that it is vital to coordinate our efforts, especially since recently we were able to make substantial progress on several issues through close and constructive cooperation.

I told the Prime Minister about our vision of the NATO-Russia Summit to be held in Lisbon. I consider this summit very important and look forward to strengthening mutual understanding between the Russian Federation and NATO.

We have also reviewed various aspects of Russian-British bilateral relations, which we are interested in developing and strengthening.

We have seen some positive economic results this year. As I told Mr Prime Minister, Russian companies are happy to trade their shares and launch IPOs on the London Stock Exchange. This should be encouraged.

In addition, we agreed to adopt a more active approach to bilateral contacts at the highest level. I invited David to visit the Russian Federation, and I hope that this visit will take place next year.

Prime Minister of The United Kingdom David Cameron: Thank you.

We had very good discussions, Dmitry Medvedev and I, for the last period. I think we both agree we want to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Britain and Russia. My Foreign Secretary William Hague had a very good visit to Moscow and we are following that up with visits by the Business Secretary and the Science and University Secretary, and I am very keen to take up the invitation of a visit to Russia next year and our teams will work on that and push that ahead.

We also had good discussions on the G20, where I think we share many aspects of the agenda. We both want to see important moves forward on trade and on dealing with the imbalances in the world economy, and I think we have a shared perspective of the role that the G20 should play and the role that the G8 should play in future. There was very good agreement on that.

We also discussed – as Mr President said – some of the issues that most threaten security of our world: Iran, North Korea, other issues, and I think had quite a shared perspective on what needs to be done. Also, we look forward to the NATO-Russia Summit, which I think is going to be an important summit for improving relations between Russia and NATO.

All in all, I think it has been a very positive meeting. It’s not our first meeting but a follow-up meeting and I think we will have many more like this since we see a strengthening of the British-Russian relationship, which I am keen to see.

Thank you very much.

November 11, 2010, Seoul