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Greetings to Jewish community of Russia on Salvation and Liberation Day

May 10, 2018

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the Jewish community of Russia on the 26th day of Iyar, the Day of Salvation and Liberation.

The message from the President of Russia reads, in part:

“This is a solemn and important day in the centuries-long history of the Jewish people. Its noble humanitarian mission is the connection it has established between tradition and modern realities. It also represents the unfading memory of the Great Victory and recognition of the heroism of Red Army men and officers who defeated Nazism, the courage and gallantry they demonstrated at the time of bitter trial, as they stood up against a cruel and merciless enemy.

It is gratifying that this special occasion of the 26th day of Iyar brings together a growing number of Jews in Russia as well as in other countries, is strengthening accord and mutual understanding between people and is consolidating their struggle against anti-Semitism and other manifestations of xenophobia and nationalism.”

May 10, 2018