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Congratulations to Russia’s Buddhists

February 5, 2019

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian Buddhists on the Lunar New Year and the beginning of the White Moon.

The message reads, in part:

“Relying on the centuries-old historical, cultural, spiritual traditions of their ancestors, Russian Buddhists widely celebrate this festive event. During these days that symbolise the renewal of man and nature, people reflect on the results of the outgoing year, sincerely wish each other good health and fulfilment of plans. It is a time to support our loved ones and anyone who needs care.

It is important that Buddhist communities are actively involved in the life of our country. Their interaction with state and public organisations grows, and a great deal of attention is given to educating young people and implementing popular charity and educational initiatives. Such fruitful work deserves the deepest respect. ”

February 5, 2019