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Greetings to Russia’s Buddhists

February 24, 2020

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russia’s Buddhists on the Lunar New Year.

The message reads, in part:

“This joyful holiday, which is particularly revered by Buddhism followers, signifies nature’s renewal and humanity’s aspiration towards harmony and purity of thought. It calls the believers again to the spiritual and moral sources of this ancient religion, its unwavering pillars and values.

It matters greatly that Russian Buddhists cherish their ancestors’ traditions and pass them on across generations. Buddhist communities take an active part in the country’s life, make a hefty contribution to harmonising interethnic and interfaith relations, and continuously focus on enhancing fruitful dialogue with government bodies and public organisations.

May the coming year be happy and prosperous for you, bringing success in good deeds and undertakings.”

February 24, 2020