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Greetings to the participants in the International Buddhist Forum

August 17, 2023

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the participants in the International Buddhist Forum, held in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia.

The message reads, in part:

“Buddhism, its culture and traditions have influenced Russia’s emergence as a multi-faith and multi-ethnic state in important ways, and played a unique role in shaping a single and united nation by serving as a beacon of high moral values for hundreds of thousands of people.

I am pleased to note that today’s generation of those following this ancient religion treasure its timeless values and the rich cultural and historical heritage of their forefathers, while striving to bring harmony into interfaith and interethnic dialogue, consolidate peace and promote conciliation in the country. Today, people from regions where Buddhism is a traditional religion are making their heroic contribution to delivering on the special military operation’s objectives. In the rear, their families and friends support their defenders, spare no effort in helping the wounded and the families that lost their fighters. Of course, I must note the efforts by the Buddhist community to help strengthen our international contacts. Your forum eloquently proves this point by bringing together participants from many countries.”

August 17, 2023