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Congratulations on the Day of Russian Press

January 13, 2011

Dmitry Medvedev congratulated workers of the Russian press on their professional holiday.

The telegram reads, in part:

“The media play an exceptional role in today’s world. Their professionalism, independence, and technological equipment determine in many respects the development of the government, as well as the society’s level of democracy and freedom, and of course, promote the reinforcement of civil peace and harmony.

In Russia, the journalistic profession has always had a special place, and print media have been popular and widely trusted among millions of people. Today, their prestige rests on many components, from their efficiency in presenting information to the neutrality of their opinions and the depth of current events’ analysis. All of these qualities are intrinsic elements of the modern Russian press, which carries on the best of its traditions from more than 300 years of history of Russian journalism.”

January 13, 2011