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Greetings on 15th anniversary of RT television channel

December 10, 2020

Vladimir Putin sent a video-message to the staff of the RT television news network to congratulate them on the network’s 15th anniversary in broadcasting.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

Russia’s first ever international news channel, RT, went on the air on this day 15 years ago. It was hard to imagine then how radically this project would change, enrich and diversify the global information agenda.

Today, dozens of millions of people worldwide watch and read you every day. This is a voice that is trusted and respected. And let us be straight, it is this voice, the voice of the truth, which is feared and would rather be hushed up by some.

The real reason for the channel’s success is that it follows the general rules of honest, professional and free journalism, which historically rejects any information monopoly, censorship or desire to assign to itself the right to the ultimate truth.

It is not surprising, therefore, that RT cooperates with some of the real “stars” in world politics, public figures, and media representatives from different countries.

You dare to ask inconvenient questions, offer a platform for fierce debate, for different, at times uncomfortable points of view. You provide your international audience with the latest, current and objective facts about developments in Russia and the world. You offer a rich and diverse spectrum of opinions, views and considerations in your news programmes and exciting and eye-opening media projects.

I believe that thanks to the highly professional and top-quality efforts of your correspondents, editors and video crew, your voice will be heard on all continents of the Earth, as before.

I would like to wish your channel and all of the media holding staff good progress, courage, daring and success.

December 10, 2020