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Law aimed at improving legal regulation in information

July 14, 2022

The President signed the Federal Law On Introducing Amendments to Individual Legal Acts of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Law establishes that in the event that a mass media outlet disseminates illegal information, its activities may be blocked, its legal registration can be suspended and/or its broadcasting license invalidated under the authority of the Prosecutor-General of the Russian Federation or his Deputy.

In addition, under the Federal Law, if the activities of a Russian mass media outlet are banned (restricted) on the territory of a foreign country, the activities of a foreign mass media outlet registered in that foreign country and disseminating its products on the territory of Russia, including via the internet, under a license agreement or via a Russian legal entity, may be banned (restricted) under the authority of the Prosecutor-General or his Deputy.

The Federal Law also introduces a procedure for limiting access to information resources that have repeatedly carried information violating the legislation of the Russian Federation.

July 14, 2022