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Executive Order on the state programme to resettle compatriots living abroad to Russia

September 15, 2012

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Implementation of the State Programme to Assist Voluntary Resettlement of Compatriots Living Abroad to the Russian Federation.

The State Programme, set out in the Order in a new draft, aims to harness the potential and capabilities of compatriots abroad to the development needs of Russia’s regions. The Programme adds to the series of measures taken to stabilise Russia’s population, especially in regions of strategic importance for the country.

The State Programme provides a comprehensive approach to facilitating the voluntary resettlement of compatriots abroad to Russia, offering them a choice of future place of residence, employment, and education and training opportunities, taking into account the Russian regions’ respective socioeconomic situations. The amount of state guarantees and social support provided to compatriots resettling in Russia will vary depending on the region of residence they choose.

The State Programme’s provisions set out its main aims and objectives, implementation and financing methods, the ways in which compatriots abroad can take part, and programme participants’ rights. The provisions also set out the mechanisms for working with compatriots abroad, organisation of programme participants’ resettlement in the Russian Federation, and ongoing work with them once resettled in Russia. 

The Intergovernmental Commission on Implementing the State Programme and the programme’s coordinator, the Federal Migration Service, are responsible for overseeing the programme’s implementation.

September 15, 2012