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Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedures amended to enhance security and counteract criminal encroachments on constitutional order

July 14, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law On Amending the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Code of Criminal Procedures of the Russian Federation.

The Federal Law is designed to ensure the security of the Russian Federation and counteract criminal encroachments on the foundations of the constitutional order.

For this purpose, criminal liability is established for the following actions:

- participation of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a stateless person permanently residing in the Russian Federation in an armed conflict or hostilities on the territory of another state for purposes that are contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation;

- high treason in the form of defection;

- cooperation of a citizen of the Russian Federation on a confidential basis with representatives of foreign states directed against the security of the Russian Federation;

- espionage in the form of transferring, gathering, stealing or storing, for the purpose of transferring to the enemy amid an armed conflict of information that can be used against the Russian Federation;

- public calls to carry out activities directed against the security of the Russian Federation;

- violation by a citizen of the Russian Federation with the highest secret security clearance of the procedure for leaving the country, as well as requirements for the protection of state secrets

- participation outside the Russian Federation in the activities of a foreign or international non-governmental organisation with regard to which a decision has been adopted to recognise its activities as undesirable in the Russian Federation;

- repeated propaganda or public demonstration of paraphernalia or symbols that are illegal in the Russian Federation;

- repeated violations of the rules for centralised control of technical means of counteracting threats to the functioning in the Russian Federation of the internet information and telecommunications network and the public communications network.

In order to prevent the use of mercenaries in armed conflicts and hostilities, the sanctions provided for the corresponding crime are being tightened.

In addition, changes were made to the list of crimes for which confiscation of property is provided as a measure of a criminal law nature.

The Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation shall be amended accordingly in order to clarify the jurisdiction and investigative jurisdiction of criminal cases involving crimes, liability for which is established by Federal Law.

July 14, 2022