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Law on introducing mediation procedures for settling disputes

July 26, 2010

The President signed Federal Law On Alternative Procedure of Dispute Settlement with Participation of a Mediator (Mediation Procedure).

The Federal Law is aimed at creating the legal conditions for developing alternative (non-jurisdictional) methods for settling disputes in the Russian Federation with participation of independent mediators, carrying out their duties (including professional), and also at reducing the burden on the Russian Federation’s judicial system.

The Federal Law defines the concept of mediation, its scope of application, procedures for the mediation process, procedure for making an agreement on initiating a mediation process (agreement by the parties resulting in the initiation of a mediation process) and the mediation agreement (agreement reached by the parties with regard to the dispute or certain points of disagreement during the mediation procedure).

The Federal Law contains requirements for the mediators, as well as provisions regarding their professional activity and the activity of self-regulating organisations they create.

In addition, the President signed a Federal Law, which amends certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation following the enactment of the law on the mediation procedure.

This Federal Law resolves many issues concerning the use of mediation procedure with regard to disputes being settled in courts of general jurisdiction, courts of arbitration or mediation courts. It also establishes procedural guarantees of confidentiality in the mediation process. With these goals in mind, the Federal Law amends Russia’s Arbitration Procedure Code, the Civil Procedure Code, and the Federal Law On Courts of Arbitration in the Russian Federation, which regulate the mediation process between the parties at any stage of dispute consideration, by general courts, courts of arbitration or mediation courts.

In addition, the Federal Law resolves issues related to determining the duration of the limitation period when the parties in dispute use mediation procedures, as well as the legal regulation for advertising mediation services. Accordingly, amendments are planned for the Russian Federation Civil Code and the Federal Law On Advertising.

This Federal Law is intended to ensure the conditions for applying the Federal Law On Alternative Procedure for Dispute Settlement with Participation of a Mediator (Mediation Procedure).

July 26, 2010