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Law aimed at improving state governance in combating corruption

November 23, 2011

Dmitry Medvedev signed Federal Law On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts in Connection with Improving State Governance in Combating Corruption.

The Federal Law On Banks and Banking has been expanded with a provision under which banks and other lending institutions, as well as registration and tax authorities are required to submit upon request the relevant information on transactions, accounts and deposits of individuals who apply for government posts of various levels, as well as of their spouses and underage children.

Amendments have been introduced to Federal Law On the Status of Members of the Council of Federation and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and some other federal laws. In line with these amendments, additional restrictions and obligations are imposed on members of the Council of Federation and the State Duma, members of legislative (representative) bodies of state power of the Russian regions and individuals holding other state offices, including the obligation to annually submit information on their income, property and proprietary obligations and information on income, property and proprietary obligations of their spouses and underage children.

The anti-corruption standards set for federal government employees also apply to certain other categories of individuals.

The federal law also contains a provision based on the Russian President’s proposal made at the XV St Petersburg International Economic Forum on the legislative recognition of the “loss of confidence” as a basis for dismissal from public office.

The law establishes a list of cases in which a state (municipal) employee may be dismissed from the state (municipal) service due to loss of confidence.

The federal law also introduces amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation which specify the procedure for bringing regressive action against state employees by an investigation agency, preliminary investigation, prosecutor or judge, if through the fault of these state employees damage has been caused to individuals or legal entities as a result of unlawful conviction or bringing criminal or administrative charges against them, which was compensated by the Treasury of the Russian Federation, a Russian region or municipality, including on a ruling of the European Court of Human Rights.

November 23, 2011