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Instructions following Council for Science and Education meeting

December 29, 2018

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following the Presidential Council for Science and Education meeting held on November 27, 2018.

The Government of the Russian Federation, together with the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Science and Education, were instructed to submit proposals on devising communications mechanisms between the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and federal and regional government agencies regarding research to support national projects (programmes); to develop a single set of criteria for assessing the outcomes of fundamental, exploratory and applied studies financed from the federal budget, and to improve support measures for young researchers.

The instructions issued to the Government, in particular, include efforts to improve training programmes for faculty members in post-graduate schools; promote the engagement in research accompanying national projects (programmes) of councils established to promote scientific and technical development priorities; and establish uniform requirements for setting and approving targets for state-ordered fundamental, exploratory and applied research initiatives financed from the federal budget.

Instructions issued to the Government and the Russian Academy of Sciences deal with the Academy carrying out an expert review of strategic planning documents; creating an up-to-date digital infrastructure for scientific and technical information storage, processing and sharing; undertaking measures designed to ensure that research institutions are open about their operations, the accessibility of research data, as well as promoting Russian science.

The Russian Academy of Sciences was instructed to review the consistency of the main anticipated results from research plans as per the Programme of Fundamental Research of State Academies of Science for 2013–2020 with the scientific and technical development priorities of the Russian Federation, and submit proposals to the Government on the required amendments to this programme.

 The Russian Academy of Sciences was also instructed to conduct an expert review of the practical outcomes of fundamental, exploratory and applied studies carried out in 2013–2018 and financed from the federal budget.

December 29, 2018