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Greetings to the General Meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences

December 8, 2020

Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to participants in the General Meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry.

The message reads, in part:

“The establishment and development of the nuclear industry was a major, truly landmark event in our history, which largely predetermined the efficient development of science, the economy, the defence industry, energy and healthcare, and helped attain nuclear missile parity and ensure national security. I would like to point out that these outstanding achievements were made possible by the talent and creative genius of the founding fathers of the nuclear project: academicians Igor Kurchatov, Yuli Khariton, Yakov Zeldovich, Andrei Sakharov and other renowned scientists and their productive and constructive cooperation with nuclear industry professionals.

It is gratifying that you treasure the labour traditions of the numerous generations of your predecessors and their unique intellectual and scientific heritage. It is essential now to actively contribute to the large-scale national goals and to build up fundamental research in the areas of science and technology that have priority importance for national development.

I have no doubt that your meeting will be held at a high level and that you will use this opportunity to exchange positive experience and make plans for the future.”

December 8, 2020