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Instructions following Artificial Intelligence Journey conference

January 29, 2023

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following the Artificial Intelligence Journey conference held on November 23–24, 2022.

The Government was instructed to set mandatory requirements for improving corporate performance and the mandatory use of the latest technology, including AI technology, when providing them subsidies from the federal budget, and to approve a federal domestic robotics project.

The instructions to the Government also provide for improving the level of AI competencies among specialists from key sectors of the economy and the social sphere and specialists in public and municipal government; and amending national projects and state programmes with an eye toward introducing AI technology in every sector of the economy and social sphere.

In addition, the instructions to the Government concern, in particular, adjusting digital transformation strategies for economic sectors; monitoring the results of using AI technology; supporting the operations of AI-related research centres as part of the Artificial Intelligence federal project from the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme; introducing AI technology as a priority goal in the investment development programmes of companies partially owned by the state.

The instructions to the Government and the Artificial Intelligence Alliance Association, as well as other stakeholders, concern, in particular, changing the requirements and standards that hold back the introduction of AI technology in economic sectors and in the social sphere; creating a proper environment for testing and operating autonomous control systems in road, rail, air and water transport; providing more favourable terms for exporting domestic products created with the use of AI technology; establishing annual awards for young researchers and engineers for breakthrough solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as for companies, constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and municipalities for the successful implementation of AI technology.

Instructions for the Government with the involvement of the Artificial Intelligence Alliance Association also include introducing a unified system for evaluating domestic solutions that use AI technology; compiling rankings of higher education institutions based on the quality of training specialists in the field of artificial intelligence; and developing and implementing domestic cloud technologies and platforms.

The Government, together with the State Council Commission on State and Municipal Government and Commission on Communications, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, with the involvement of the Federal Centre for Competence in the Sphere of Labour Productivity and the Artificial Intelligence Alliance Association, was instructed to ensure the implementation of steps to ensure the transition of public governance system at the federal and regional level to a governance model based on automated data collection and analysis using information frameworks.

Separate instructions were issued to the Ministry of Healthcare, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Federal Taxation Service.

Rosatom State Corporation, together with Russian Railways and with participation of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, Sberbank and leading research universities in the field of artificial intelligence, was instructed to ensure convening conferences on using innovative computing technology and data transfer starting this year.

The State Duma was advised to expedite consideration of a draft federal law which establishes the procedure for depersonalising personal data.

January 29, 2023